It seems that every year the complicated situations on the planet grow ... suicides, violence, bullyng, and so on; and we all become frightened and involved but in direct ways, we do it indirectly, worrying, cursing, filling us with anger, anger and even revenge. And the most terrible thing is that it seems to become normal and even everyday and we have forgotten the principle for which we were created.

We do not come to the earth to suffer, to suffer diseases, deficiencies and disappointments; we were created to give testimony of our inner Being and to fulfill the mission that we unconsciously know, but that we have covered with so many layers of ego, that we do not allow that wisdom and knowledge proper of every human Being to flow.

This will sound romantic to many or even utopian, however when we allow ourselves to look inside we discover the wonderful and perfect creation of being human.

Transpersonal University, continues with the dream that began 6 years ago and that has joyfully continued to date, approaching the best specialists in the world within the themes chosen each year to discover what it is to be transpersonal and what it means to be aware of everything that you are, of all that you are worth, of all that you have and of all that you continue to receive second by second. So our invitation this year is as always, take you by the hand to discover what is in you but maybe you still do not discover...


Do you know why animals do not metastasize? because nobody scares them ..

This may sound ridiculous, but diseases are installed in the first instance from fear. Every time you receive a diagnosis, often cold and lacking in kindness, your body is already at a disadvantage.

I have listened as in a colloquial way we invoiced the evils with expressions like - my diabetes - unconsciously recognizing the belonging of the same, and making us the idea of living with it the rest of our lives, and while it goes, controlling the symptoms, and like this one, countless diseases.

We have lost communication with our bodies and have ignored their wisdom to repair themselves; We have overlooked the survival programs and we havenĀ“t paid attention to their calls.

When we get sick we do everything, except introduce ourselves inside, forgive the redundancy, and find out what the message is, since every disease has an information content that if attended would not only allow us to heal, but grow through each situation of physical discomfort.

We have confused nurturing with just eating, and have actually distorted the balance of mind and body.

We are not just one or the other, we are holistically, so it is important to recognize and maintain harmony between them.

The new medicine, the eating habits, the forms of internal approach and the knowledge of ancestral heritages, are this year the focus of attention of the VI Consciencia Congress with the topic "Integral Healing" to which we welcome you and wish with the heart, not only that you take the knowledge and save it, but to install it and apply it so we can live lucid, healthy, functional and productive.




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