Dr. David Duarte

Dr. David Duarte is a researcher and pioneer in Mexico of the Medicine UNANI which he studied at the University of Jamia Hamdard in New Delhi, India. It Is One Of The Ancestral Medicines That (Along With Ayurveda) Is Practiced In India. He studied Homeopathic Medicine at the National Polytechnic Institute; He also has knowledge of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Prehispanic Medicine. He received the Honoris Causa Doctorate for his impulse to alternative, traditional and complementary medicines from the University Center of Medical Alternatives and the Senate of the Republic, in Mexico.



The human body tends to correct any imbalance to restore wellbeing when for various reasons it becomes lost. The Unani Medicine makes use of its tools to help the alive intelligence of the body to recover or to maintain the health through vegetal medicines obtained by spagyric processes (Vegetal alchemy) and a correct feeding.

"The Doctor is not the one who cures, but the tabiat, which translates as the evolutionary memory of the body. I mean, we don't believe the body, we're a product of it. This is called Tabiat, to the living nature that always seeks to take care of itself and to be in dynamic equilibrium". "The goal of the doctor, in addition to teaching how to follow the Tabiat, is to serve this through three mechanisms: deficiency, excess and distortion. This means providing the body with what it takes to heal, remove the causes or what causes their illnesses and give them what they need".

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