Dr. José Antonio Galicia Glez.

Dr. Galicia is an expert in New Germanic Medicine; Disciple of Dr. Hammer. He has a specialty in homeopathy from the Instituto Politécnico Nacional. He is a graduate in Acupuncture and has  a Diploma in Alternative Medicines specializing in homotoxicology and flower therapy at the Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo. He is a Counselor of the Academic Unit of the BUAP and belongs to the Association of professors and researchers of the Faculty of Medicine of the BUAP.



With the discovery of the Biological Healing Science (CCB)  we are allowed to clarify the perfect connection between the Psyche (Soul), Brain, Organ and Biology in a perfect synchrony acting in unison in what we have called disease.

By taking a look at the animal kingdom, it shows traces of the traces left in the course of evolutionary history and found in the phylogeny biological responses necessary for the conservation of the species.

With the Ontogenia I consider separately the ailments of each one of the embryonic leaves, could verify that there was an evident biological sense. He understood that the so-called "diseases" do not represent errors of nature that lack meaning and that had to be fought, with suppressive, mutilating, aggressive systems, but above all lacking sensitivity.

I am able to confirm that the biological meaning of the "disease" depended on the embryonic leaf. It also imposed the need to consider the biological-social factor to understand the biological sense. "A mother" sick "for the benefit of your child or your partner!

The Biological Healing Science manages to corroborate that the biological sense of the disease depends on the embryonic leaf. All this supposed a new nosological conception of the old concept of "disease".

And for this reason, we should not really speak of "diseases" in the traditional sense, but of special programs of nature with full biological sense, with a certain purpose of conservation of the Soul in its passage through the earth.

The Biological Healing Science

It refers to a new conception of medicine that takes into account a universal organism comprised by the union of the psyche, as an integrator of all behavioral and conflict functions, the brain, as a computer that controls all these functions within the scope of the behavior and conflicts, and bodies, which express the results of these events.

All this is a little more complex, because the computer that is our brain, programs the programmer that is the psyche and therefore programming itself.

The Biological Healing Science is a science through experience. It is based on five biological laws empirically discovered that find application in each particular case of disease, in human and mammalian animal in a strictly scientific way.



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