Amit Goswami PhD.

Theoretical quantum physicist Dr. Amit Goswami is a revolutionary among a growing body of renegade scientists who, in recent years, has ventured into the realm of the spiritual in an attempt to interpret the seemingly inexplicable discoveries of Curious experiments and validating the intuitions about the existence of a spiritual dimension of life. A prolific writer, professor and visionary, Dr. Goswami has appeared in the movies what the hell do we know?! , Dalai Lama Renaissance, as well as the award-winning documentary, The Quantum Activist.


Consciousness, the Quantum Worldview, and Quantum Activism

The basis of Ayurvedic medicine are the three biological energies known as doshas. Their physical representation are the corporal differences (thin, medium and robust bodies), the vata, pitta and kapha, respectively. The doshas are to ayurveda what genetics to western medicine; But Ayurvedic medicine does not focus on immediate healing, nor does it measure its success only through the "absence of disease," which is why Ayurvedic doctors guide their patients so that their body maintains its natural balance.

Ayurveda includes topics that are not usually addressed by allopathic medicine, such as systematically taking into account diet and lifestyle, based on psychophysical biotypes. Recognize that the ultimate cause of many of the diseases is in violating the laws of nature. The central elements for the treatment and prevention of diseases are based on toning the body, promoting mental balance and reducing stress through infusions, ointments, food and extracts.

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