Mtra. Laura Ramos

She has a history of 25 years in Ontological studies focused on Bert Hellinger's methodology and family constellations. She studied the DOMUS CUDEC Training, in Bert Hellinger Institute in Argentina and is certified by Hellinger Science Mt.

She is an Architect from the Instituto Polit├ęcnico Nacional and has a Master's Degree in Education from the CESUVER University of Veracruz. He teaches Constellation courses and family configurations in Companies and Universities in different states of the Mexican Republic as well as in Central and South America.

Laura is passionate about discovering how hidden loyalties are generated in family systems and how ancestors impact our lives, thus achieving an understanding of family structures and their influence within society.



The morphic fields that constitute family systems are at the service of life. They are animated by two movements of love of the spirit: the inherent ordered memory, which allows everything that once existed to exist forever and be transmitted indefinitely from the first arrivals to all subsequent ones, and the compensation movement also inherent in the fields .

Therefore I will take the emotions and stories of the ancestors with whom I am specially linked, to include them, accepting them and compensating with my blind love to my ancestors. And the disease and the difficulties will come to look for me to force me to get out of this attitude. Everything around me will become a sign of what I have to release to free my life and the ancestor. And in doing so I will begin to find fulfillment and happiness.



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