Roberto González MD.

Bachelor - Surgeon: Faculty of Medicine U.N.A.M. Specialty in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine: University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. Doctorate in the Institute of Basic Theory of the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology of Beijing 2006-09. Practice as an acupuncturist in public institutions and privately since 1980 (more than 35 years) to date. Assistant Professor Department of Human Ecology, Faculty of Medicine, UNAM, 1978-1979. Professor of the specialty in human acupuncture IPN: National School of Medicine and Homeopathy. Tenured Professor of Acupuncture since 1992 (24 years) to date. Member of the Acupuncture Technician Group of the Inter-Institutional Commission for the Training of Human Resources in Health CIFRHS. President of the Ibero-Latin American Federation of Acupuncture Medical Societies. (FILASMA)



Acupuncture is the specialty of traditional Chinese medicine that has impacted the most in the West; However, Chinese medicine is more than just needles.

Phytotherapy, Tui Na, the regulation of dietary habits, practices of Chi Kung or moxibustion are other branches of a medicine considered as alternative therapy but that has more than 4,000 years of existence.

Traditional Chinese medicine considers that diseases are the result of physical, mental and energy imbalances and its philosophy is focused on preventing disease by practicing a proper way of life with an eye toward nutrition, rest or spiritual harmony.

Traditional Chinese medicine can address all types of energy imbalances, the most common pain, although it can also be applied in gynecology, menstrual pain, mood disorders, insomnia, stress or anxiety, among others. It is very effective with respiratory diseases such as COPD, allergies, rhinitis, digestive diseases such as gastritis, irritable bowel, hemorrhagic colon, etc. It is a coadjutant of mental disorders such as depression and stress.

Consultations are common for insomnia, headaches and headaches, which have a very good resolution. There are also very successful treatments of some visual diseases, such as cataract and glaucoma, and interesting improvements were achieved in progressive visual maculopathy. It is interesting to mention that good results are also achieved with body and facial aesthetics.



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